The confidence of daily verification- for candidates

Collect, verify, and monitor candidates' licenses every day until their date of hire.

Collect all necessary licensure digitally

With EverCheck Wallet, candidates can see which licenses, certifications, and registrations are required for their role and submit them to you digitally. Your team can trust candidates have satisfied their requirements without having to cross-reference their qualifications with a clunky spreadsheet.

Review and address action items

EverCheck verifies licensure starting from the day of submission and continues every day until the start date. If any issues come up, such as name discrepancies, disciplinary actions, or critical status changes, you can address these within the platform. We even let you know if the license is active but set to expire before the candidate's start date.

Manage candidates with better insights

The dynamic Prehire dashboard allows you to see your candidates by start date, by unresolved issues, by the number of days in the system, and by hiring status. Drill into each section to review a list of corresponding candidates.

Make your first impression count

Candidates utilize EverCheck Wallet, a self-service application where they're able to view and submit all job-required licensure. Available on the web and for mobile devices, EverCheck Wallet is intuitive and much simpler than the traditional back-and-forth of submitting required licensure.

Connected from end to end

With Prehire, EverCheck is a full-lifecycle solution. We collect initial candidate data via an ATS integration, verify their licensure daily until the date of hire, and then copy their information to the employee profile in EverCheck and to your HRIS. Daily verification continues uninterrupted, so you have an end-to-end solution you can feel confident in.

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