Your source of truth for employee license information

Access everything you need to show proof of compliance in one consolidated, intuitive employee profile.

Access proof of verification 24/7/365

EverCheck provides date-stamped PSV screenshots any time we detect a change during the verification process and at least once per month. You can easily access these screenshots and a full verification record from within any caregiver's profile.

View and manage the licenses you track

Each caregiver's profile clearly shows which licenses, certifications, and registrations you currently track for them. See which are in good standing, and drill into any license to see the full details from the primary source.

Add notes and documentation

Attach supporting documentation, such as Leave of Absence letters, or make notes within the profile. Anyone with access to the profile can review notes and attachments for better communication and a simple, easy-to-use system of record.

Flexible user access and permissions

Managers, leaders, and other members of the HR team may not need to see every caregiver's profile. Easily configure account permissions to keep caregiver information restricted to only those who need access to it.

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