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Human Resources

$1 / profile / month

  • Daily, automated license verification for candidates and employees
  • Access to EverCheck Wallet
  • Unlimited data storage for verification histories, license images, and more
  • Dynamic reporting to manage compliance and view insights
  • Instant notification of important changes from the Primary Source
  • Custom renewal reminders for employees and their managers
  • Flexible user roles and permissions


$1 / profile / month

  • Automated continuing education tracking and compliance
  • CE deadline and renewal reminders to employees
  • Insights into organizational CE compliance
  • Unlimited storage for CE certificates and other documentation
  • Flexible user roles and permissions
  • Custom renewal reminders for employees and their managers
  • Employee access to a CE Broker Professional Account

Add other services to make your solution even more robust.

Exclusions monitoring

$0.10 / verified employee / month

Cross-reference your employees and vendors against the OIG LEIE and GSA's SAM exclusion databases every month, automatically.

DMV verifications

$5 / verification

+ state fees

Verify that your on-the-go employees are the safest drivers with automated motor vehicle registration verifications.

Manual verifications

$5 / verification

+ state fees

For boards that don't yet have an electronic database, utilize EverCheck to manually verify associated licenses, registrations, and certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do! Volume-based breaks start at 10,000 profiles. Your best bet is to talk to an Account Executive who can draft a comprehensive pricing plan for your needs.

Your EverCheck account will have an active profile for every candidate and employee you’re monitoring using the EverCheck platform, regardless of the solution (HR, Education, etc.). So for instance, a profile may have multiple licenses, certifications, or transcripts you’re monitoring, but you’ll only pay per profile, not the amount of data being monitored within the profile.

Yes, we do. The price we charge for implementation depends on a few factors, like how many profiles we’re implementing and which solutions you’ve subscribed to. An Account Executive can provide you with an estimate for your implementation costs.

No. It’s our responsibility to keep our customers satisfied. Stay because you love our service, not because you have to.

No. You may grant access to an unlimited number of EverCheck users. Users are those who log into the EverCheck web application and/or receive email notifications regarding candidates/employees.

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