Position requirements

Feel confident your candidates are qualified for the job.

Define the requirements for each position in your organization once, and EverCheck collects and verifies the licenses automatically.

Map your positions to their required licenses and certifications.

Build a standard set of license and certification requirements for all candidates based on the position to which they are applying. In doing so, Recruitment and HR teams work off one pre-defined set of requirements, eliminating all confusion surrounding job requirements from start to finish.

Apply rules to make complex scenarios less complicated.

Sometimes a combination of licenses is required for a position, like when an RN license and an ACLS or BLS certification is required. Or, for instance, when a license may be obtained after the date of hire. EverCheck's job requirements feature is built to handle these scenarios and many more.

A modern, seamless experience.

EverCheck Wallet, our web and mobile app for healthcare professionals, knows exactly which licenses and certifications to ask for based on the position to which they're applying. This means a more transparent, simpler experience for your candidates.

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