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The EverCheck Wallet app gives healthcare professionals the power to manage and submit their licenses digitally.

Wallet app interface
Documentation and information interface

Gather the information your team needs automatically.

EverCheck Wallet eliminates the question - what else do you need from me? Candidates and employees know exactly what their action items are, from submitting their license information for the first time to updating their licenses after renewal.

Implement a (truly) paperless solution.

EverCheck Wallet digitally collects candidates' and employees' licenses. They're able to capture a photo of their license, enter a license or eCard number, or scan and upload a copy of their license. EverCheck verifies the license automatically and sends the data, including a copy of the license, to your EverCheck account.

three licenses cards: one expiring, one current and one expired.
Interface of the license uploading process

Have confidence in the process.

EverCheck Wallet uses technology that identifies and verifies points of authenticity for licenses like American Heart Association course completion cards. It also provides the tools to submit eCards and RQI certifications. You're able to attest not only to the verification results, but also review any images before the data is incorporated into your organization's license data.

Give candidates and employees a better experience.

With EverCheck Wallet, healthcare professionals can spend less time on the administrative tasks involved in license submissions and updates and more time on patient care. It sends a powerful message that your organization's priorities are on its patients and the staff who care for them.

App interface with a guided tour

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