Monthly License Verification Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why.


In 2012, automated healthcare license verification was a novel idea and a fairly unexplored frontier for software providers. License verification was commonly performed manually – one by one, repeatedly, every month. It was tedious, repetitive, and prone to human errors.

That’s when I began with CE Broker.

When I started, CE Broker had been automating license verification for years, but the service was limited to the state of Florida. We thought if it works for Florida healthcare employers, wouldn’t it work for healthcare employers nationwide? Why not expand it?

So we did. We were going to take CE Broker’s idea to automate and streamline license verification nationwide and mainstream. And we were going to do it right, with two central tenets guiding our service:

  1. Automate the verifications whenever possible.
  2. Verify every single day.

If we were going to do it, we had to do it right. It was that simple.

So we set out on the mission to use the foundation of what CE Broker already offered and start EverCheck, a nationwide software-as-a-service solution for healthcare license verification.

We knew in launching the service that there were going to be plenty of challenges and opportunities to educate the industry about what automated license verification is and how it works.

Here’s one we didn’t anticipate, though:

Why in the world would we want daily verifications?

To us, that seemed like a no-brainer. After all, we weren’t charging per verification or even per license, for that matter. Our model was (and still is) a per-profile, subscription-based model. Instead, we found ourselves asking, why wouldn’t you want daily license verification?

That part, we found, wasn’t so simple. It’s hard to understand why a software provider would extend their service beyond what’s required to such an extent. To this day, it’s one of the primary questions we hear when we engage with new potential partners.

So we wanted to take some time to answer this question (and the closely related ones) the best way we know how. Here goes.

Why would anyone want daily verifications? Shouldn’t verifications at hire and at renewal suffice?

You’re completely right. The regulation requires that healthcare employers verify professional licensure at hire and again at the time of renewal. Many of our competitors tout once-per-month verifications, which is also completely acceptable.

What’s commonly overlooked is most regulatory agencies require that healthcare providers be properly licensed at all times. We verify every day because changes in licensure happen every day – important changes that may impact an employee’s eligibility to provide patient care.

Take this example:
In a sample of 500,000 licenses and certifications monitored over a 6-month period, EverCheck captured 2,192 disciplinary actions that may have gone unnoticed had we waited until the next renewal cycle.

Daily verification empowers healthcare employers because knowing about these changes is the first step in doing something about them.


Daily primary source verification would produce a lot of data. What am I supposed to do with all of this?

It does. In 2017 alone, we performed 1.5M+ verifications. That’s a lot of data to store.

We know because we’re the ones storing it. We recognize that the technical infrastructure that would be required to house that much data, even for one facility, would become a burden for our clients. So we handle the storage requirements ourselves.

EverCheck keeps a record of all primary source verifications performed, and the data is housed redundantly in two secure and geographically diverse data centers.

What this means is that this data is available to our clients at all times. So the next time your accrediting body is on-site, you’ll have your proof of verifications easily accessible.


The short of it

Daily primary source verification does go above and beyond what’s required by almost all measures. We do it because it’s the right thing to do – not only for those we serve but also for the patients that they serve.

Our commitment to you is that we’ll keep delivering more than what’s expected because that’s the type of service you deserve.

Angie Gil
Chief Revenue Officer

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