Why The Onboarding Process is Essential


What is onboarding? 

Onboarding is the official process when a business or organization provides new hires with training and information to get them acclimated to a new position. This helps new employees understand their roles, employer expectations, and company culture.

The onboarding process is critical for new employees to understand expectations and become more familiar with their position. The goals of the onboarding process are to help new hires feel supported, valued, and integrated into the company and to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their job effectively.

Why is it important to have a good onboarding experience? 

Onboarding programs are designed to educate new employees, connect them with the company culture, and engage them. New employees can better understand their role in the organization, which can tie directly to a sense of belonging and loyalty.

According to BambooHR, new employees with good onboarding experiences are 18x more committed to their employer.

According to employee engagement stats for 2020, hiring new talent can cost businesses $4129 on average. Another $986 goes to getting a new hire onboarded and trained.

Why do some employees quit during the onboarding process?

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of support
  • Poor first impression
  • Lack of engagement

The research analyzed by Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) shows that new hires decide how long they’ll stay with the company in the first six months of employment. Another survey revealed that 20% of new hires resign in their first forty-five days of employment.

SHRM’s data also reveals:

Approximately one-third of employees surveyed admitted that they would quit a job within six months of hire. One in six survey respondents has reported leaving a job between their first week and three months.

In another survey conducted by BambooHR, almost 30% of all new employees leave their job within the first six months. Respondents listed several reasons which would have convinced them to stay:

  • 23% of people did not receive clear guidelines for their responsibilities
  • 21% would prefer more effective training
  • 17% said a friendly smile or helpful co-worker would have made a difference
  • 12% hoped for more acknowledgment of their contribution
  • 9% required more attention from managers and coworkers.

What are the benefits of having a great onboarding process?


1. Improved retention

A well-structured onboarding process helps new hires feel supported, valued, and integrated into the company culture, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover risk.

2. Increased productivity

An effective onboarding process sets new hires up for success by providing them with the necessary tools, training, and resources to perform their job effectively.

3. Better company culture

Onboarding helps new hires understand the company’s mission, values, and expectations, fostering a stronger sense of company culture and community.

4. Time and cost savings

A streamlined onboarding process can save time and resources by reducing the need for ongoing training and support and reducing the cost of replacing employees who leave due to poor onboarding.

5. Legal compliance

Onboarding helps ensure new hires receive the necessary information and training to comply with relevant laws and regulations, reducing the company’s legal liability risk.


What best practices could an organization consider to improve the onboarding experience?

  • Defining clear expectations and job responsibilities
  • Providing thorough orientation to company culture, values, and mission
  • Providing necessary training and resources for the job
  • Assigning a mentor or buddy for support
  • Incorporating regular check-ins and feedback sessions
  • Making new hires feel welcome and valued
  • Encouraging early involvement in company events and activities
  • Providing opportunities for skill development and growth
  • Continuously measuring and improving the onboarding process

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