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The number of healthcare organizations mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for employees continues to grow. With these new requirements comes additional administrative responsibility for caregivers and their employers. At EverCheck, we aim to reduce administrative complexity and allow those in healthcare to do the important work that only they can.

Now, hospitals and healthcare facilities can leverage EverCheck to track employees’ vaccination status. Employees can submit a copy of their vaccination card digitally, keeping them focused on patient care rather than added administrative tasks. Here’s how: 

Designating the COVID-19 vaccination as a job requirement

With Positions Manager, your team is able to designate any number of the license, certification, and registration requirements for each role in your organization. Now, you can add a COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement, too. This means that in order for an employee to be “clear to work,” they must have a vaccination on file in addition to any other requirements for their role.

When you designate a COVID-19 vaccination as a job requirement, EverCheck automatically requests this information from employees via EverCheck Wallet. This app allows employees to self-submit requirements electronically.

Requesting and collecting vaccine records digitally.
EC-Blog-Illustration-VaccineCardUpload@2xEverCheck Wallet notifies your employees when they have a new requirement for their role. When you designate a COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement, employees receive an email and see a new task to complete in their EverCheck Wallet account.

Employees can simply upload a photo of their vaccination card and submit it directly to HR from their desktop or mobile device. This digital process means employees can become compliant with vaccination requirements in a matter of minutes.  Plus, EverCheck Wallet is a secure, easy-to-access place for employees to store digital copies of their vaccination cards.

Maintaining vaccination records in a centralized location.
Once employees submit their vaccination cards digitally, your designated team can access the documentation online at any time through EverCheck’s Clear To Work® platform. The vaccination record becomes part of the employee’s comprehensive profile, where you can view this and all other licenses, certifications, and registrations required for their role. Easily see whether an employee has satisfied all requirements for their position and feel confident your team is clear to work.

At EverCheck, we leverage advanced technology and automation to make healthcare work better. To learn more about automating the vaccination card collection process with EverCheck, schedule a demo.

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