Navigating Compliance and Retention Excellence in Healthcare: Insights from Texas Children’s Hospital

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, compliance and employee retention are pivotal pillars for success. Texas Children’s Hospital, a premier organization in Texas and nationwide, recently partnered with EverCheck on a webinar to share its insights and innovative strategies for managing its compliance and retention efforts across multiple facilities. We will look at how Texas Children’s Hospital uses technology, audits, and employee-focused policies that other healthcare organizations can use.



Innovative Technology Integration for Enhanced Compliance

A critical aspect of Texas Children’s Hospital’s success is the integration of technologies like Oracle Cloud and EverCheck. These tools have supported how Texas Children’s Hospital handles compliance, offering real-time visibility into licenses and certifications. This digital approach has streamlined administrative processes and significantly improved employee experience.

Proactive Audit Readiness and Adaptation

Texas Children’s Hospital exemplifies its commitment to maintaining audit readiness through its proactive approach. Joint Commission mock surveys with cross-functional team involvement ensure that audit readiness and data compliance are always prioritized. This practice has been instrumental in upholding high data integrity standards within the Records Department.

Balancing Compliance with Positive Onboarding Experiences

One of Texas Children’s Hospital’s standout strategies is balancing stringent compliance requirements with a positive onboarding experience. Through cross-functional committees and open communication, TCH ensures that the onboarding process is efficient, compliant, and welcoming. The Joint Commission has recognized this approach as a best practice in HR compliance.

Digital Age Impact on HR Practices

The advent of the digital age has significantly changed HR practices at TCH. The hospital has embraced a flexible approach to accommodate remote work and varied employee needs. Adding self-service for HR services increased access and created data integrity challenges. TCH handles this with strong support and change management.

Measuring Success in Compliance and Retention

To gauge the effectiveness of their strategies, TCH uses various metrics. These include positive outcomes in regulatory surveys and renewals of prestigious designations like the Magnet Designation. Additionally, TCH utilizes an organizational turnover dashboard, providing data with clear insights into staff retention trends.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

In a competitive job market, TCH fosters a work environment that employees are proud of. The focus on innovation and operational collaboration in rethinking job roles has been key. TCH’s efforts have focused on creating opportunities for all, including new students and entry-level positions.


Continuous Learning and Mentorship

TCH places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and mentorship. They support the growth and development of its staff through various programs. These programs include the Educational Learning Series and a partnership with BetterUp for leadership coaching.


The Role of Employer Branding in Recruitment and Retention

Effective communication of mission and values is crucial in attracting suitable candidates. TCH’s HR Communication Team is vital in creating a consistent brand message, which has been impactful as TCH expands into new markets like Austin.

Concluding Advice for Healthcare Organizations

TCH’s advice for healthcare organizations is simple: use technology to improve compliance and keep staff. Doing this can greatly enhance the employee experience, as shown by TCH’s successful management of 9,000 licenses with EverCheck.

Texas Children’s Hospital’s strategy for compliance and retention sets a path for healthcare organizations to succeed in these aspects. Their blend of technological innovation, proactive approach, and employee-centric policies set a benchmark for excellence in healthcare.

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