Making Change on the Company’s Dime: EverCheck Unveils New VTO Benefit

Being a great place to work takes work. That’s why it’s best practice to evaluate what you feel makes your company unique and see where there’s room to grow. Over the years, EverCheck has implemented important employee benefits policies like fully paid parental leave, subsidized fitness memberships and organic produce delivery, and more. Evolving your company to continue being someplace that people want to be is a journey.

This year, EverCheck’s rolling out a brand-new policy: Volunteer Time Off (VTO). When our leadership began considering what new benefits made the most sense for FY 2020, it became obvious – our team was already taking personal time to support local causes that mean the most to them.

EC-VTO-CollageOur Boulder team, for instance, has volunteered with Isabell Farm planting and harvesting crops, and our Jacksonville Beach team coordinates beach cleanups to keep our office’s backyard free of cigarette butts and seance remnants (true story). What’s important to our team is obvious – spending time giving back. And even for those team members who aren’t familiar with volunteering, this new benefit encourages them to experience the fulfillment that comes with helping and being present in the community.

EverCheck’s new VTO policy gives employees 16 fully-paid hours per year to volunteer their time to the causes that mean the most to them. Our team can become Big Brother/Big Sister, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, serve on a nonprofit board, and so much more. With EverCheck’s new VTO policy, giving back no longer means giving up valued personal time or time outside of work.


“Volunteer opportunities are intended to connect our employees with the communities in which we all live – whether that community exists on a local level or is part of a global effort – while also demonstrating our company’s core values.”

– Bonnie Cobb, Human Resources Manager at EverCheck


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