Make the Most of Your Time at ASHHRA 2023


The ASHHRA conference is the annual conference organized by the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), a professional association for human resources professionals working in the healthcare industry. The conference allows healthcare HR professionals to gather to learn about the latest trends, share best practices, network with peers, and gain professional development opportunities. ASHHRA features keynote speakers, educational sessions, vendor exhibits, and networking events.

ASHHRA is headed to the Queen City, Charlotte, NC, from Sunday, April 23 to Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

As we count down to the event, it’s important to make a plan to make the most of your time at the ASHHRA conference.


Sunday, April 23

Load-In, Learning Sessions, and Welcome Reception

Sunday is the first opportunity to dive into learning sessions before the Welcome Reception.

Learning sessions include:

  • Maximize the Healthcare Talent Pipeline with CTE Partnerships
  • Commit to Change: How to Create the Safe, Non-Violent Workplace Healthcare Workers Demand
  • C.H.A.R.M: A Roadmap to Improving Employee Well-Being, Patient Outcomes, and the Bottom Line
  • How to Find, Engage, and Hire In-Demand Healthcare Talent in The Modern Way
  • Compelling Employees To “Enthusiastically Stay and Thrive”
  • World’s Best Onboarding: Work-Based Learning Programs


Monday, April 24

Opening Ceremony & Keynote, Exhibit Hall, Thought Leader Forum, and Learning Sessions

In the Opening Ceremony & Keynote, Steve Cadigan, Talent Strategist, and Company Culture Expert will share an opening session on “The Future of Work.” In this session, Steve Cadigan will review the significant changes taking place in the world of work and what it means to us as healthcare professionals, leaders, and organizations. This session will inspire new ideas and ways of thinking for professionals and organizations and offer ideas and suggestions for optimizing for future success.

The Exhibit Hall will be open Monday and Tuesday and will offer opportunities for more than 100 exhibitors; attendees will have the opportunity for face-to-face connection with HR directors, administrators, vice presidents, and CEOs of the nation’s healthcare organizations.

Thought Leader Forum

Stephen Lance of Hinge Health will share a presentation on “How Human Resources is Driving the Evolution of Digital Health.”

Key objectives of the forum include:

  • Learn how employers outside of healthcare are evaluating and integrating digital solutions into their employee benefits plans
  • Discuss why clinicians are looking beyond telehealth for the next wave of digital health innovation
  • Discover the common objectives of patient engagement, clinical outcomes, and cost savings driving groundbreaking collaborations among health system HR and clinical leadership teams.

Learning Sessions for Monday Afternoon:

  • Building Workforce Efficiencies Through Functional Centralization
  • Redesign Your Hiring Process to Increase Hires by 60%!
  • Executive Symposium: Inspiration from the C-Suite
  • Travel Nurses are Here to Stay, But Will Staffing Agencies Go Away
  • How to Hire and Sponsor Your First Foreign National Physician
  • Weathering a Reduction in Force – Lessons Learned and Strategies to Mitigate Risk
  • State of Workforce in Healthcare in 2023


Tuesday, April 25

Connection Keynote, Learning Sessions, Exhibit Hall, and Learning Sessions

In the Connection Keynote, Dr. Alisahah Jackson, M.D. will share a connection keynote on “Enhancing the Health For Every Community.” Dr. Jackson will share ways that social drivers impact health equity, identify various strategies to address health disparities and focus on how community engagement can serve as an accelerator for health justice.

Key objectives of this keynote include:

  • Recognize social drivers’ impact on health equity.
  • Identify individual and organizational strategies for addressing health disparities.
  • Discuss community engagement to accelerate health justice.

Learning Sessions for Tuesday Include:

  • DEI Roadmap and Practical Applications
  • Nurses Unite! Why Nurses Unionize
  • Employee Value Experience
  • What Does Pay Transparency Mean to You?
  • How Leading Organizations are Preparing for the Future of Work
  • 2023 – a New Workplace
  • Strategically Reshape Your Talent Pipeline in Order to Onboard, Retain, and Build Your Workforce


Reflection & Post-Event Debrief

EC-Illustration-Collaboration@2x-1Reflecting during and after ASHHRA can help maximize your experience and bring valuable insights and ideas to your organization.

  1. Journaling | Sit down and write about your experiences at the conference. What sessions did you attend? What did you learn? What were your favorite moments? What surprised you? Writing down your thoughts and reflections can help you process your experience and identify what you gained from attending the conference.

  2. Networking | Connect with other attendees from the conference and discuss your experiences. This can be a great way to get a different perspective on the sessions you attended and to share what you learned with others.
  3. Debriefing | If you attended the conference with colleagues or teammates, set aside time to debrief with them. Discuss what you learned, what you found most valuable, and what you plan to bring back to your organization.
  4. Set goals for yourself and your organization based on what you learned at the conference. What changes do you want to make? Setting goals can help you put your newfound knowledge and inspiration into action.
  5. Follow-up | Remember to follow up with any speakers, vendors, or other attendees you met at the conference. Send a thank-you note or an email to continue the conversation and build relationships.



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