Introducing EverCheck’s Profession Status Hub


Stay Informed with Real-Time Board and Profession Status Updates 

EverCheck is a trusted provider of license, sanction, and exclusion management  solutions. EverCheck provides accurate and up-to-date information for verifying employees’ licenses and certifications. We’re excited to launch the Profession Status Hub.

The EverCheck Profession Status Hub is a user-friendly tool that updates the status of boards and professions verified by EverCheck. Users can access the hub from the 3-dot menu at the top of any page with just a few clicks and then click the “Profession Status” tab.

Once in the Profession Status Hub, users can view all active boards and professions that EverCheck verifies. They can also see the accepted license formats for each profession. Most importantly, they can check each profession’s status to see if it’s Automated, Temporarily Interrupted, or Manual.

  • Automated means that the verification process for that profession is fully automatic and requires no manual intervention.
  • Temporarily Interrupted means a temporary issue with the verification process, which may require manual intervention. It’s important to note that EverCheck still monitors compliance for upcoming expiring LCRs.
  • Manual means that the verification process requires manual intervention by EverCheck’s team to complete the verification process.

EverCheck’s Profession Hub provides a quick and easy way to find status information for each of EverCheck’s boards and professions. This user-friendly tool helps users stay informed about changes in the status of their professions and ensures that employees’ primary source verifications are always up-to-date and accurate.

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