Inside the EverCheck Culture: What It Means to Be a Best Place to Work


EverCheck, for all intents and purposes, is like many other tech companies sprouting up throughout the US. With large, loft-style workspaces, countless MacBooks, and organic snacks for the taking, you would imagine it’s among the tech giants in Silicon Valley. Really, we’re nestled among the mom & pop coffee shops and Saturday afternoon farmers’ markets in Jacksonville Beach.

But in more ways than geography, EverCheck is not like every other tech company. In 2016, EverCheck was recognized twice as one of the Best Places to Work in Florida by Florida Trend magazine and nationally by OUTSIDE magazine. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that it’s not the lofty space or the organic Bartletts that rank the highest on the employee surveys. Rather, those perks are simply symptomatic of a larger force at work – the well-defined and expertly executed EverCheck culture.

“Our culture is defined by our six core values,” says Brian Solano, Founder & CEO of EverCheck, in a recent interview with Outside Magazine. “And it’s about finding and nurturing people whose values align with ours.”

The Story
At EverCheck’s inception, Solano and long-time business consultant Jim Bleech, deliberated for weeks on end about the EverCheck values. These values would become the fundamental principles on which EverCheck makes critical business decisions. To Solano, defining company values and culture was just as important as having a well-drafted business plan.

Solano & Bleech were able to boil it down to six critical components:

  • Live Balanced. Work hard and place importance on the things that matter most in life.
  • Embrace & Drive Change. The best companies in the world don’t stand still.
  • Good Design Is Good Business. Design is form and function, and great user experience starts with great design.
  • WOW Customer Service. Because people invest in you as much as your product.
  • Pursue Growth & Learning. Magic really does happen outside of your comfort zone.
  • Think Green. Help make sure we can call Earth our forever home.

With the values clearly defined, Solano committed to upholding these values every day and to hiring only those who shared the values-based vision for EverCheck.

“Our staff never have to question where we stand on anything, really, because they can always lean on our values for guidance. It’s a kind of passive transparency that helps instill a sense of autonomy in everyone. Own your decisions, do what you feel is right, and let our values be the litmus test,” says Solano.

And With Autonomy Comes Real Value…
“Working at EverCheck means investing in yourself to be better and to think smarter. I appreciate that our company values growth and learning, and I think it’s reflected in our work.” – Hana Chandler, Product Manager.

“It means being trusted… trusted to do what’s best for EverCheck and trusted to work to my best and highest capacity every day.” – Jessica Dunbar, Marketing Manager.

“It’s about actually being excited to come to work every day.” – Haley Montgomery, Account Executive.

“It means a sense of accomplishment and a challenge. I’m thankful to work for a company that loves its products and employees, where I’m challenged to learn and grow every day.” – Karen Hohman, Account Executive.

“It’s coming to work and giving the best 8-hour live set of customer service, time management, and problem-solving I can give.” – Candace Taylor-Gary, Client Success Manager.

 Don’t get us wrong. Comfortable workspaces, free snacks, and communal beach cruisers are great (and we’d never want to see that go away). But the real reason EverCheck is a great place to work is that it’s built upon intrinsically good principles, and the people who work here are, too.

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