5 Ways to Reignite Your Passion for Healthcare HR


When you work in a field as demanding as healthcare HR, it can be easy to lose sight of the reasons why you fell in love with your job in the first place. Don’t fret; it’s normal to feel like that from time to time!

Careers must be nurtured in the same way that we nurture relationships. Although sometimes it feels like you’re off course, you can re-right the ship. It just takes some effort, some inward reflection, and some know-how.

In light of Healthcare HR Week, here are five ways to help you feel reenergized and reignite your passion for your career.


Reconnect with what compelled you to be an HR professional in the beginning.

Whether you’ve been in healthcare HR for four years or for forty, think back to day one. What were the reasons you were drawn to this career path? Chances are you didn’t stumble upon HR by happenstance; it was a calculated decision. Many HR professionals cite working with others and helping make a difference as a few main reasons. Reconnecting with these motivators can help you recenter your mind and refocus your efforts on the things that matter most to you.

Optimize your schedule by delegating.

In the past, HR had been thought of as a primarily administrative profession. Nowadays, it has evolved into much more of a business partner role. HR helps hospital leadership make critical decisions when it comes to staffing, succession planning, managing change, and more. There isn’t time for trivial tasks anymore.

You owe it to yourself and to your employer to give your best talent every day. If you find yourself not only making strategic decisions but also handling day-to-day tasks that could otherwise be automated, outsourced, or delegated, you’re going to meet burnout very quickly. Research solutions to help automate basic HR functions (like primary source verification) or look into the feasibility of adding entry-level positions to help ease the workload.

Make time to get creative.

For anyone who thinks that HR isn’t a creative position, think again. Sure, there are some barriers to creativity, but any position where you must think critically to solve problems requires a stroke of creative genius.

If you’re feeling a little burnt out at work, it may be because you’re not injecting enough creativity into your day. According to the creativity-engagement cycle, more creativity directly correlates to higher workplace engagement and positive emotions.

First, you have to make time in your day to get creative. Schedule 2 hours out of every week to think. No meetings, no emails… just sit down and think critically about a problem your hospital is currently facing and jot down your ideas. Here’s the catch – you must write down your thoughts freely and without judgment. Remove any negative thoughts; they’re a hindrance to creativity. Allow your mind to expand free from your own ridicule. You’ll likely surprise yourself at how your ideas can turn into real solutions!

Practice an attitude of gratitude.

Looking for external sources of happiness can lead to feelings of disappointment. According to one study out of UC Davis and the University of Miami, those who wrote a few sentences each week about what they were grateful for were more optimistic and felt better about their lives in general. Many other studies on this topic found associations between gratitude and overall well-being.

At the end of the week, jot down a few sentences about what happened at work that made you grateful. After a few months (or even a few weeks), you may find yourself with more positive associations with your work.

Mentor someone.

Sure, mentorship is altruistic in nature. You do it without expecting anything in return. However, being a mentor does not only has a positive effect on the person whom you are mentoring but also on you. Seeing your role through fresh eyes helps give you a perspective on how vital your contributions are and how much you’ve accomplished in your career. Your work has not merely been a collection of accomplished tasks and milestones but a calling. Seek out someone to mentor, and you may find yourself benefitting from the relationship just as much as your pupil.


What have you done to reignite your passion for your career? Let us know in the comments below!

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