The Unexpected ways EverCheck Wallet has Helped Caregivers During Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly accelerated a digital transformation in healthcare. Where before, organizations were gradually adopting automation and digital alternatives like Telehealth, the pandemic forced the industry to hit the gas to keep people safer and adapt to the new world of work. With a considerable number of staff working from home and caregivers risking life and limb on the frontlines, technology seemed to be a beacon of hope in keeping people connected and safe.

When you work in tech, you try to plan, stay ahead of the curve, and anticipate your customers’ needs before they realize they have them. The pandemic, though, was a curveball. While we believed that our caregiver-facing EverCheck Wallet application would be a useful tool for caregivers to manage and self-submit their licensure, we realized totally new implications – caregivers could keep more of their attention on patient care and stay socially distanced from the administrative personnel who were still required to ensure compliance.


Caregivers began using EverCheck Wallet in ways we could have never anticipated, including showing digital proof of licensure at their vaccination appointment when they forgot their physical license at home. Though we can’t purport that all vaccination centers would accept digital proof of frontline work while vaccine supplies are limited, we know that in this instance, the caregiver was able to keep their appointment and get vaccinated.

The pandemic has been a trying, terrible time for many in the healthcare industry. We appreciate that, at the very least, we’re a part of making things a little easier.

Here’s how EverCheck Wallet supports our healthcare heroes today.



It keeps caregivers focused on providing care. 

Admin tasks are part and parcel of the job, but when beds are full, and the curve is anywhere from flat, administrative tasks can feel like an unnecessary distraction. EverCheck Wallet is a simple way for caregivers to quickly see outstanding tasks they need to complete for employment and complete those tasks quickly and efficiently. For instance, providing proof of licensure is as simple as entering their license number or capturing a photo and hitting “Submit.” No emails, no making copies, no back-and-forth communication. Just simple, straightforward to-do’s getting done quickly.

It promotes social distancing without compromising compliance.

The two golden rules of Covid-19 are: wear a mask and keep your distance. Because EverCheck Wallet is accessible on the web and mobile devices, it means that caregivers aren’t required to see non-frontline workers in person to manage job-required licensure. For many of our hospital clients, administrative staff and managers shifted to full or partial remote work, which would have made it more difficult had caregivers needed to submit anything in person. EverCheck Wallet transformed credentials exchange into a digital experience and kept unnecessary in-person interactions from happening.

It keeps their employers in the know about renewal deadline extensions. 

In 2020, licensing authorities were also adapting, trying to keep licensees’ time focused on patients. Many issued renewal extensions, giving caregivers more time to complete necessary CE and other requirements for renewal. In response, we built a community-based resource for known renewal extensions and adapted the technologies to accommodate these extensions. Caregivers could feel confident that their employers knew their licenses weren’t expiring. EverCheck Wallet, usually known for sending timely renewal reminders, adapted and allowed caregivers to submit information about known extensions to the community resource.


We’re grateful to be a resource for our healthcare heroes and hospital clients during the pandemic, even in a few unexpected ways. We have even more in store for EverCheck Wallet in 2021, so stay tuned.


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