Positions Manager: Centralized Truth for Caregiver Jobs


EverCheck is pleased to introduce the newest addition to its HR solution, Positions Manager. With Positions Manager, organizations define the license, certification, and registration (LCR) requirements for each role within the organization. Equipped with this information, EverCheck automatically determines whether candidates and employees are clear to work based on whether they’ve satisfied these requirements and whether their licensure is in good standing with the primary source.

EverCheck’s daily verification service has enabled clients to be confident in their compliance with regulatory requirements for over a decade. Now with the addition of Positions Manager, we close the compliance loop by ensuring employees meet the organization’s requirements.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Define which LCRs are required for each role. Every position within your organization has a unique set of licensure requirements (or none at all!). Regardless, you’re able to define a set of requirements for each position once and apply them to every candidate and employee accordingly. Then, you can easily maintain these standards in your EverCheck account.
  2. EverCheck collects and verifies licensure from candidates and employees. Based on what you’ve defined, we automatically collect and verify licensure from caregivers using EverCheck Wallet, a simple and efficient way for healthcare professionals to manage their licensure and submit updates to their workplaces. And because caregivers are able to see exactly what licensure is required for their roles, there’s even better transparency and less redundant work.
  3. You have confidence your employees are clear to work. EverCheck automatically determines whether employees are clear to work based on whether they’ve satisfied their requirements and whether their LCRs are active and in good standing with the primary source. This bridges the gap between regulatory and organizational compliance and gives you clear insights into your entire organization’s compliance.



Positions Manager: A welcome addition to the EverCheck HR solution.

Create a reliable source of truth for position information.
Positions Manager is a centralized approach to managing LCR requirements for every position across the entire organization. For enterprise organizations, maintaining standards for positions helps to ensure the overall quality of care and compliance. Positions Manager is designed to withstand even your most complex scenarios – from variations in requirements due to geographic location, departments, etc., to compact state licensure and requirements that can be satisfied after a caregiver’s start date. Rather than have decentralized spreadsheets or other mechanisms for tracking what’s required, EverCheck acts as a centralized source of truth for organizations of all sizes.

Establish a low-touch safeguard for position compliance.
EverCheck’s intelligent automation engine calculates compliance for your entire employee and candidate population on a daily basis. By leveraging this level of automation, your team is able to adopt a higher and more reliable standard for compliance without any additional staffing requirements. In fact, your team is freed up to focus on what matters – resolving when candidates and employees have fallen out of compliance.

Unify regulatory and organizational compliance.
Verifying licensure daily means that you’re aware immediately when an employee’s LCR has a change in status, expiration date, and whether it’s been flagged with any disciplinary actions. This eliminates any gaps in compliance where an employee may continue to provide patient care despite having an issue with their licensure that may prevent them from doing so. Daily verification not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements for primary source verification.


By utilizing Positions Manager in addition to EverCheck’s daily automated verification solution, you’re ensuring that your employees’ LCRs are active and in good standing with the primary source and that they hold the licensure required for their unique role with your organization at all times.

This combination of services means your team can feel confident not only in how you satisfy regulatory requirements but also in how you satisfy organizational requirements.



At EverCheck, we have a saying regarding our solutions: they’re never done; they’re only due. What we mean is that we’re always looking for ways to improve and evolve to meet the needs of our clients. The addition of Positions Manager delivers end-to-end compliance for our clients, ensuring they’re always aware of who’s clear to work (and who isn’t).

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