Team Spotlight: Ashley Kittrell, Government Relations Manager at EverCheck


We’ve always believed that the best way to serve our client partners is to fill strategic roles with the best talent possible. That’s why we’re excited to have the role of  Government Relations Manager here at EverCheck, and the talented professional filling it, Ashley Kittrell.

The Government Relations position is one of advocacy. EverCheck has acted as a facilitator between licensing boards, healthcare organizations, and caregivers since its inception. With patient safety as a primary focus for each of these stakeholders, we focus on bridging information gaps and forging partnerships that promote public safety and compliance. The Government Relations role is designed to foster relationships and make information even more accessible- arguably mission-critical today due to the fast-changing impacts of Covid-19.

Ashley Kittrell, EverCheck’s Government Relations Manager, joined in the fall of 2020. Ashley has an extensive background in facilitating public-private partnerships. Having worked in Washington state, Ashley has represented the interests of nonprofits over the past few years. Ashley’s experience and solutions-oriented mindset made her the perfect fit.

We recently met with Ashley via Zoom to discuss her background, her goals for this new role, and her outlook on forging paths where they don’t already exist.



Q | Tell us about yourself. What’s your professional background like, and what brought you to EverCheck? 

A | My educational background is in political science and public policy. I’ve spent the last five years in the nonprofit world working in communications and government relations. Most of my work centered around building relationships and working with stakeholders to accomplish similar strategic objectives.

“I was drawn to EverCheck because of its mission and how it is constantly challenging the status quo.”

Our vision of making healthcare work better seems simple, but EverCheck is constantly raising the bar and working to improve our products and create services to meet that goal. In my previous position, I also learned the value of professional licensing and the potential impacts and unintended consequences that the lack of proper licensure oversight can have on employers, licensees, and the public, so I’m excited to join a team with the same values.



Q | What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your prior roles?

A | Overall, one of the greatest challenges working for nonprofits is working with limited resources. You have to come up with creative solutions to problems using what you have. My previous role was newly-created, and I didn’t have many guidelines or SOPs that I could follow. It was both intimidating and exciting. I had the opportunity to build a strategic plan for a new program from ground zero with minimal resources. Within three years, the advocacy work, the association was involved in was more elevated and valued by its members. We partnered with key stakeholders and built crucial relationships with regulatory and legislative officials.


Q | What do you hope to accomplish in your role as Government Relations Manager?

A | The most important thing I hope to accomplish is to become a valuable resource alongside the rest of the EverCheck team. That includes creating broader awareness and elevating the importance of what we do. My goal is to help facilitate these public-private partnerships to provide our partners with the best, most effective experience. Ultimately, the goal is to create better channels for communication so that each primary stakeholder in patient care has the tools and information necessary to perform their functions.

I imagine EverCheck as the go-between for health systems, caregivers, and licensing boards, and we serve each a little differently. For our client’s partners – healthcare organizations – we provide daily, accurate data directly from the primary source, ensuring only qualified professionals provide patient care. For caregivers, we provide timely information to their employers, thereby reducing confusion and work schedule interruptions. For licensing boards, we help instill public confidence in the institution by creating an efficient method to disseminate important compliance information to hospitals. And for the general public, we help advance patient safety by facilitating effective information-sharing between licensing boards, hospitals, and caregivers.

“Though EverCheck is a private entity, our mission expands to making healthcare work better for everyone.”


Q | Which of EverCheck’s core values resonates with you the most, and why? 

A | Definitely “pursue growth and learning.” I never had a dream job growing up (unless being a professional student was an option), but I knew that I wanted to be in an environment where I was constantly challenged and learned something every day. The downside is that I am easily distracted and go down rabbit holes to find answers to random or nuanced questions, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to learn it all! Working alongside others who also enjoy learning and are willing to answer questions and have conversations is a great benefit of working at EverCheck.

“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.”

Q | What’s the one thing you’d want others to know about you? 

A | One of my favorite quotes is “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” which is Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one.” I like to reframe problems as opportunities where there are no dead ends or black-and-white scenarios. I believe there is always a solution if you are open to exploring possibilities and working with others to achieve the best possible outcome.

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