EverCheck Education + Learning Management = Better CE Compliance


Transparency in CE completions and renewal compliance is frequently cited on the wish lists of many Clinical Educators. That’s why we developed EverCheck Education – a way for healthcare organizations to better track, manage, and create continuing education. Although not a learning management system, EverCheck Education complements the LMS in ways that provide a real value-add to organizations. In fact, using the two systems in conjunction with each other can be an excellent approach to continuing education development and management.

Here’s why.

An LMS offers and tracks facility-specific courses. EverCheck Education complements it by making outside course completions visible, too.

A learning management system can offer a robust library of course content and gives your team a way to see which of your caregivers have completed these facility-specific courses. EverCheck Education not only tracks those which are facility-specific but also tracks outside course completions, too. This gives your team better transparency in the types of courses and the rates of completion – not only from within your facility but other courses, as well.

An LMS delivers insights on course completions. EverCheck Education compares course completions, including those offered outside the facility, to what’s required for renewal.

EverCheck Education doesn’t just track course completions. It compares the completions to the requirements listed for CE issued by the licensing authority. This way, your team has an idea of caregivers’ progress toward completing the requirements for license renewals. With the transcripts in EverCheck Education, your team can clearly see which courses are required, which he/she has completed, and which are still outstanding. This includes all courses required by the licensing authority. Having this kind of insight allows you to make better predictions about who’s likely to be able to renew on time and who isn’t.


Where an LMS allows your staff to view what your facility requires, EverCheck Educations allows staff to view what is required to maintain and renew their state license.

Your LMS is a fantastic resource for caregivers to see what facility-specific courses they’re required to complete. EverCheck Education provides another resource for them – a CE Broker Professional account. With this tool at their disposal, caregivers are able to view their CE requirements, select courses that fulfill the requirements, and report the completions directly from their mobile or desktop device. The CE Broker Professional account comes as a standard feature of the EverCheck Education solution, which saves caregivers $29 had they opted into the professional account on their own.


ECED-Box@2xEverCheck Education is designed to complement your learning management system and add value in ways that an LMS alone can’t. With both, you can offer excellent and robust course content and better insights into what these course completions mean for renewals and compliance.

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