EverCheck Business Continuity During COVID-19


As the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation in the United States continues to escalate, we at EverCheck are taking measures to ensure our staff’s health and safety while continuing to support the needs of those we serve.

Because our clients are on the front line of this pandemic, our goal and responsibility are to maintain the service level we deliver to your team and organization.

Here’s how we plan to do that.

A remote workforce:
EverCheck has embraced remote work as an important characteristic of its ‘live balanced’ core value for nearly a decade. As such, our existing technological infrastructure supports this, and our staff has consistently demonstrated the ability to thrive in this environment. Because of our history of remote work, our teams are prepared to continue with their duties as normal despite their physical location.

EverCheck is enacting a fully remote policy for its Jacksonville-based office and an optional remote policy for its Boulder office starting March 13, 2020. We are prepared to mandate remote work across all offices per the emergence of any new local, state, or federal guidelines.

Role redundancies and systematically abreast staff:
For some time, EverCheck has instituted a staffing strategy that includes redundancies in all positions, including geographic redundancy. This paves the way for operations to continue at normal service levels if a staff member cannot perform their functions. Our Client Success, Implementation, Sales and Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Management/Leadership duties are all carried out by redundant teams, giving you peace of mind that we’re here to support you during this unprecedented event.

Furthermore, tools are in place to ensure transparency and visibility into the work of our staff. If a staff member designated to your organization cannot work, our team can review a robust and comprehensive account of historical transactions/communications, meeting notes, account details, and more.

Highly available data hosting:
EverCheck’s systems are hosted redundantly throughout locations geographically dispersed across the US. Our teams have access to our software securely from anywhere.

Employee health and safety:
As the situation continued to progress over the past few weeks, EverCheck made our staff’s health and wellness its top priority, instituting mandatory remote work for individuals who have traveled to affected areas, in alignment with recommendations from the CDC, enhancing sanitation protocols in our offices, canceling all non-essential work travel, and more. Our goal has been and always will be the safety of our employees, and regardless of our transition to a fully-remote workforce, we will continue to provide support to our team members.

Remote tools for healthcare Human Resources:
We’re aware that some of our clients may be instituting their own remote work policies. If you need your account details but do not have access to a desktop device, we encourage you to download the EverCheck for Mobile app available on the App Store for iOS devices.

We at EverCheck are monitoring the situation closely and plan to take the necessary steps to continue serving your team at full capacity without compromising the safety of our staff in accordance with local, state, and federal recommendations.

Be well.

Angie Gil 
Chief Operating Officer

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