Prehire: Daily, Automated License Verification for Healthcare Candidates


We’re a solutions-oriented organization, so when a trusted partner approached us in 2016 asking to build a better way to verify candidate licensure together, we didn’t hesitate.

Since then, we’ve been meticulously testing and evolving the product to effectively solve for issues like: 

  • How do I know whether the candidate has the right credentials for their job role?
  • What if something happens to the candidate’s license before they start?
  • How do I deliver an excellent first impression on candidates?

Prehire applies EverCheck’s foundational element of daily, automated license verification to candidates. With this addition to the EverCheck HR solution, we deliver automated license verification across the full lifecycle of the license, ensuring caregivers are compliant from day one.

Now, full-lifecycle license verification is available to everyone. Here’s what you, your team, and candidates can do with Prehire:

Feel confident your candidates are eligible to work.

We knew we wanted to eliminate the need for recruitment teams to have to manually cross-reference candidates’ qualifications with a list of license requirements for the various roles. As such, EverCheck’s Prehire application was built to work around a position requirements table within the platform. Now, after establishing what licenses and certifications are required for a position just once, EverCheck automatically knows what licensure to collect from candidates and whether the candidates’ qualifications fulfill these requirements.

The system is definitive, meaning candidates are either clear to work or aren’t. Because EverCheck verifies licensure daily, we capture important changes that may affect a candidate’s eligibility to start. This includes things like negative license statuses and licenses that are scheduled to expire before their start date. When we capture these license issues, we alert appropriate staff members immediately.

Ultimately, the Prehire application delivers peace of mind knowing that when new hires start, they have valid, appropriate licensure to provide patient care.


Send a better first impression with EverCheck Wallet.


EverCheck Wallet is an application designed for licensed healthcare professionals. It allows them to upload, store, and self-submit licenses to employers needing this information for employment.

The app, which is available on the web and for iPhone and Android devices, shows candidates exactly what type of licensure they’re required to submit for the role they’re applying to. Then, it seamlessly walks them through the process of uploading and submitting it. They can continue to use Wallet as their digital keychain for their licenses, certifications, and registrations. Wallet stores this information and sends friendly reminders when it’s time to renew.


Let the data flow – no manual inputs are required.

To create a truly full-lifecycle solution, it was essential to ensure that data flows between the systems that house candidate and employee information and EverCheck.

For this reason, EverCheck integrates with applicant tracking systems so that we can collect a list of candidates who require verification. Then, once hired, EverCheck will feed over the license records for the new employees back to the organization’s HR system. These licenses now become a part of the ongoing employee license verification process, during which automated daily license verification continues. All of this happens behind the scenes with no manual intervention required on the part of recruitment or HR teams.




Here at EverCheck, we believe our products are never done. We continue to develop Clear To Work® technologies alongside our partners because we know the best way to deliver useful solutions is to do it in collaboration with those who use it every day.

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