Challenges Impacting Healthcare License Verification & How to Solve Them


Healthcare license verification is a process that can be challenging and time-consuming, particularly if an organization is manually verifying its licenses. While manual verification can lead to errors, here at EverCheck, we’re simplifying the process and have paved the way for automated, daily license verification.

Verifying a healthcare professional’s license is critical to ensuring patient safety and protecting the healthcare organization’s and the healthcare provider’s reputation.

This article will discuss the challenges impacting healthcare license verification and how to solve them.

Challenges & Solution

Lack of standardization

Challenge | Different states have different requirements and processes for licensed healthcare professionals, making verifying licenses across state lines difficult. 

Solution | Standardizing the verification process across states can ensure that all healthcare providers are held to the same standards and reduce confusion. While this might be a leap, organizations can standardize requirements for all of their employees to ensure the same data is being collected and tracked throughout an employee’s time at an organization.


Data management

Challenge | Keeping track of the vast amount of data associated with healthcare licensing can be a significant challenge for state licensing boards and healthcare organizations.

Solution | Creating a centralized database for healthcare license information can help ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Implementing real-time data systems can help ensure most up-to-date information is used for verification.


Fraud and misrepresentation

Challenge | Some healthcare professionals may falsify their credentials or use the credentials of others, making it difficult to verify their licenses.

Solution | Using electronic verification methods, such as electronic databases or web-based systems, can improve the efficiency of the verification process and reduce the opportunity for fraud through falsified documents.


Outdated or incomplete information

Challenge | Healthcare licensing databases may only sometimes be up-to-date or contain incomplete information, making it challenging to verify licenses.

Solution | Implementing real-time data processes can help ensure that the most up-to-date information is used for verification.


Time-consuming and expensive process

Challenge | Verifying healthcare licenses can be a costly and time-consuming process for healthcare organizations, state licensing boards, and healthcare professionals.

Solution | Third-party services can help manage the verification process, reducing the burden on internal resources.


No electronic verification system

Challenge | The need for a standardized and centralized electronic verification system for healthcare licenses makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to quickly and easily verify the licenses of healthcare professionals.

Solution | Investing in electronic verification systems can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. Organizations should consider implementing web-based procedures or purchasing software to automate the process.


Human error

Challenge | Manual processes are susceptible to human error, and errors in data entry can lead to incorrect results.

Solution | Automating the verification process can eliminate errors and reduce the time required to complete the process.

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