Career Mobility Doesn’t Mean You Have to Leave EverCheck Behind. Here’s How to Pitch It.


If you’re like most people, you welcome new career opportunities with big, bright ideas for improving things. That’s what you’re being hired for! And because your past experiences help shape the professional you are now, and you’re likely to borrow a few ideas from your prior roles.

We hear this often at EverCheck, and it’s not uncommon for new partnerships to be forged due to career mobility among HR leaders. The Director of Human Resources at Healthcare Organization A has decided to accept a role at Healthcare Organization B, and they’re excited to onboard a better solution for license verification.

We of course, love it when this happens. For one, it means we’re providing enough value to healthcare organizations that their HR leadership sees fit to pitch the solution at their new organizations. Second, it means we really are forging trusting and lasting relationships with our clients. You trust us to do the job we said we would and do that for your new employer, too.

Subsequently, we get a lot of requests for resources to help pitch EverCheck to associates and leadership for approval. After all, getting buy-in from everyone who will be affected by this change is the key in making the project successful. So here’s a step-by-step guide to evaluating your new situation, determining whether automation is a viable option, and pitching EverCheck to your stakeholders.

Determining the need.

Here’s a piece of advice straight from the EverCheck sales playbook – you will never get buy-in without a legitimate need. This looks different for every organization, and the first step is to identify whether it exists in the first place. The good news is that it probably does if you’re hoping to pitch EverCheck successfully. Here are a few symptoms we see regularly:

  • We’re spending time we don’t have verifying licenses for our population.
  • We’re missing important license changes, like disciplinary actions, that may affect an associate’s eligibility to work.
  • Our on-time renewal rate for our licensed population leaves a lot to be desired. Does everyone experience the burden of last-minute renewals?
  • We cannot see the health of our organization’s license compliance as a whole.
  • We’re outsourcing to another vendor and not seeing the value for what we’re spending.

These are just a few.

Run some numbers, pull some historical data, and make sure you really understand where your organization’s need lies.


Being objective about your options.

Pitching EverCheck and only EverCheck is the simpler approach because you already know our solution and understand the value. But remember, you’re a problem-solver; solving problems means researching and comparing your options. Now that you have an idea of what your needs are create a comparison matrix of the various vendors who offer primary source verification. It could look something like this:


 Other   Guy 1 

 Other   Guy 2

Automated license verification…


… performed on a large percentage of our licensed population every day.



Automatically notify appropriate teams when changes are captured.


Captures and houses Primary Source verification histories in one centralized repository.

Aggregate reporting capabilities providing actionable insights.



Integrative capabilities (ATS, HRIS, Document storage system, etc.)


… and so on. This type of objective reasoning won’t hurt your chances of onboarding EverCheck as a solution, but it will show that you’ve done your research and have a vested interest in finding the right solution for your organization.




Pitching it well.
You’ll have one shot at this, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row. At this point, you’re armed with the need/pain points and your well-researched solution. Now you need to clearly show stakeholders that the EverCheck solution is the right solution. This is your chance to be a storyteller. There are 6 phases to this process:

    1. State the need. We struggle to manage multiple facilities’ primary source verification needs. Our resources are dispersed, and our data is disconnected. 
    2. Empathize.
      In my past role, we struggled with similar issues, and I understand why our associates are frustrated with our current process.
    3. Be a problem-solver.
      I recognized that this was a challenge for us, so I decided to do some research and see whether there were viable options to make this better, easier, and more compliant for everyone involved.
    4. Pitch EverCheck. Ec-Chat@2x From my research, I landed on EverCheck as our best option. Their HR solution fits the bill for many of the functions we’re missing in our current process, and I’ve worked with them in the past. I know their team, and we’ll be in good hands. 

      Not only that, but I believe implementing EverCheck could save us $XX, XXX over
      the first 1-2 years. 

      Here’s where you can (and should) get us involved. Your pitch deck should include a list of your pain points, your solutions research, and plenty of supporting evidence as to why you believe EverCheck is the right solution for your organization. We have a variety of resources available, from system screenshots to ROI worksheets and plenty more. The idea is to build an ironclad case, and we’re here to help you do just that. Contact us to request your resource package. 

    5. Be realistic about the project requirements.
      EverCheck implementations typically take 6-8 weeks, including integrations with our systems of record. I anticipate our HR, IT, and HRIS teams will need to get involved. EverCheck has a communications team that can help us roll this out to our licensed population and managers, so I’m confident we can be fully automated and live by [date] if we get started on the project next month… 
    6. Know your end game.
      Will your stakeholders need to see a product demo before they commit to moving forward? Then the goal of your pitch is to get them to say yes to a demo. Will your team give you the go-ahead to implement otherwise? Then the goal of your pitch is to get their blessing. Whatever your end game is for this pitch, go into knowing what you expect to get out of it.

Our final note is that we’d like to say how much we appreciate you. If you’ve read this far, you’re likely considering referring your new employer to EverCheck. Our mission is to make healthcare work better, and partnerships like yours keep us coming to work every day.

Feel free to contact our team for additional resources or guidance. We’re here to help.

Angie Gil
Director of Client Services | EverCheck

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