5 Effective Email Templates for Healthcare Recruiters


A hospital’s ability to provide exceptional care is dependent, in part, on employing exceptional caregivers. That’s where healthcare recruitment and talent acquisition teams come in. You conduct research and comb through dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of resumes over the course of your career to find the best and brightest candidates for the job.

But once you’ve found them, what do you say?

Effective communication with prospective candidates can help to differentiate your healthcare brand from the competition, improve your talent pipeline, and reduce time-to-hire.

From the initial touch to the touch-base, we’ve delivered email examples and called out the essential elements for each. This should give you a solid starting point to create personable, professional, and effective recruitment emails – but remember, use these as templates to craft your best communication in that moment.

First, let’s take a look at the basics of a good email.


As a rule of thumb, subject lines should be short and straightforward. Include personalization, when possible, like their first name or full name depending on their credentials.

Start with the basics – who you are and why you’re emailing.

No matter the intent of email, use the body as an opportunity to set expectations and build excitement.

Be clear about what to do next, and set timeframes when appropriate.



The introductory email

You’ve found a candidate, and they look fantastic on paper. Now it’s time to make the first move. Because first impressions count, this cold introduction to you and your organization has to be on point.

Pulmonology position with ABC Healthcare
BulletArrow@2x Deliver the most important information at a glance
Hi John,

I’m Natalie Gregg, a talent acquisition specialist with ABC Healthcare.

I recently came across your profile on LinkedIn while searching for candidates for a Pulmonologist position. I was impressed by your experience and qualifications, including your most recent work with University Health System. I think you might be a strong candidate for the role.

I noticed on your profile that you’ve spearheaded important research as it relates to second-hand smoke. At ABC Healthcare, our mission is to deliver patient-centered care through ground-breaking research. We believe in equipping the brightest talent with the tools and technology they need to develop and deliver the next generation of care. You can learn more about our work here. 

I’m interested in scheduling a call with you to discuss your career – specifically, your goals and how this role might align with them.

You can expect this initial call will only take about 15-20 minutes of your time. I’m available this Wednesday at 5pm or Thursday at 9am. Let me know if either of these work for you.

I look forward to hearing from you,

BulletArrow@2x Quick introduction



BulletArrow@2x Call out specifically what caught your eye on their profile or resume




BulletArrow@2x List something specific and interesting and tie it back to why you think that might make them a good cultural fit for the role

BulletArrow@2x Clearly list what makes your organization stand apart from the rest


BulletArrow@2x Set expectations for what this initial call is about


BulletArrow@2x List 2-3 times, which is more concrete


BulletArrow@2x Make it clear that the next move is theirs




Another introductory scenario – the pipeline candidate

In your quest for the perfect candidate for your open position, you’re likely to run across others who are exceptionally talented but don’t necessarily fit this particular position. Still, it’s important to have a pool of talent to source from when the time comes.

Here’s an example similar to the one above, but with a modified twist for this scenario:

John – Your experience and qualifications caught my attention
BulletArrow@2x Be direct about why you’re reaching out
Hi John,

I’m Natalie Gregg, a talent acquisition specialist for ABC Healthcare. I recently came across your profile during my search for candidates for an open Pulmonology position.

I was impressed by your experience and credentials, specifically your most recent work with University Health System. Although the position I’m currently looking to fill isn’t within your specialty, I’d like to keep your information on hand so I can reach out when an opportunity that fits your expertise arises.

At ABC Healthcare, our mission is to deliver patient-centered care through ground-breaking research. We believe in equipping the brightest talent with the tools and technology they need to develop and deliver the next generation of care. You can learn more about our work here. 

Would you mind if I keep in touch?

Kind regards,
Natalie Gregg


BulletArrow@2x Quick introduction




BulletArrow@2x Call out specifically what caught your eye on their profile or resume


BulletArrow@2x Be clear about your intention



BulletArrow@2x Create some excitement around your organization and incorporate the brand



BulletArrow@2x Ask for permissions as the next action

This kind of note helps to further establish your brand among the talent pool and works as a soft introduction. This person is likely to be more receptive to your subsequent communications as this conversation has allowed them to grant you permission to contact them for future opportunities.




Scheduling/preparing for the interview

This email is an opportunity to set your new candidate up for success. Focus on building excitement and helping to prepare your candidate to make a stellar first impression.

In preparation for your interview with ABC Healthcare
BulletArrow@2x Be direct about why you’re reaching out
Hi John,

We’re looking forward to having you join us for an in-person interview.

Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, August 21st at 3pm

Where: ABC Healthcare Administrative Facilities – 123 ABC Lane Suite #456, Jacksonville, Florida 32256. When you arrive, see the reception desk first. They’ll be expecting you.

Who: You’ll be meeting with the head of Pulmonology, Dr. Mary VanAustin. You can read more about her here.

I also wanted to share a few resources that I think you may find helpful in your discussions next Wednesday.

About Us: This page gives a really good sense of our mission and vision for our organization. It also speaks to our corporate culture.

Impact: This page discusses our organization’s community involvement and commitment to research.

ABC Healthcare Recognized For Its Cancer Research: This article sheds light on current research our team was nationally recognized for.

If you have any questions between now and then, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you in person on Wednesday.

Natalie Gregg


BulletArrow@2x Set the tone that this is a mutually exciting journey – that you’re just as pleased with the opportunity to meet him as he is you and your team






BulletArrow@2x Although any good candidate will know to research the organization prior to the interview, pointing the candidate in the right direction can give them a sense that you want him to succeed (which, you do!).
Plus, it helps to solidify in his mind why working with your organization may be a good fit for him.

These resources can be whatever you feel most accurately reflects your organization and its achievements


BulletArrow@2x Reiterate that the conversation is open and fluid, and that you’re there as a resource in case other questions you hadn’t predicted arise

Candidates appreciate it when you provide the tools that they need to succeed, and it delivers a subtle message that this is how you and your organization operate – setting your team up for success.




The touch-base email

In many cases, you’ll interview more than a few candidates before making a final decision. This process can take some time, yet the longer it takes the more disengaged the candidate may become. Think of your touch-base email as your chance to keep candidates engaged and excited about the opportunity.

Update re: the Pulmonologist position with ABC Healthcare
BulletArrow@2x A short, explicit subject line
Hi John,

I hope you’re well!

I wanted to follow up with a quick note about where we stand in filling the role at ABC Healthcare.

First, I’d like to thank you for your patience. We seek to hire the right person for the position and someone we feel can call ABC Healthcare their home for their career. As you might imagine, this process can take time and we appreciate your continued understanding.

As of right now, we’re selecting our finalists who will interview with the Chief of Medicine. We expect to determine who our finalists are and have the interviews scheduled within the next week. We anticipate extending an offer no more than 2-3 days after all final interviews have been conducted.

I’ll be back in touch with you in the coming days. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out.

Natalie Gregg


BulletArrow@2x State the purpose of this email



BulletArrow@2x Acknowledge their patience.
It’s a considerate gesture and
reinforces that you’re aware of
and respect their time.



BulletArrow@2x To the extent possible, be forthcoming about where you and your team stand in the process. If you’re able to provide a timeline, do. This allows you to continue setting realistic expectations and
provides much-appreciated


BulletArrow@2x Let them know what to
expect next and reiterate that
you’re here with any
questions in the meantime

The touch-base email can send a strong message that you are invested in this process alongside your candidates and that you respect their time. However, another important aspect of your role is encouraging leadership not to sit on candidates too long before making decisions. An idle recruitment process can lead to your best candidates finding work elsewhere.




The job offer email

Finally, you’ve found the perfect candidate for the position, and your team agrees! It’s time to deliver the offer. This communication would undoubtedly follow a verbal conversation with the candidate. However, the email can still solidify your organization’s brand and build even more excitement around the job prospect.

Your offer from ABC Healthcare
BulletArrow@2x Short, sweet, to the point
Hi John,

We’d like to formally offer you a position with ABC Healthcare. We believe your qualifications and skillset are an excellent fit for the role and that your personal philosophy toward patient care aligns well with our organization’s culture and values.

Please see the attached offer for details on compensation, benefits, and the expectations of your role.

I ask that you please review this offer and provide feedback and/or questions within 3 days of receipt of this email.

Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Natalie Gregg


BulletArrow@2x Tie the candidate’s attributes back to why you believe he’s a great fit not just for the role, but for the organization culturally, as well




BulletArrow@2x As always, deliver a succinct call to action so the candidate clearly understands next steps



Effective communication can help solidify your organization as one that stands out from others who are vying for great candidates.

For more healthcare recruitment resources, check out the Healthcare Recruiter’s Guide to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent.




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