3 Signs It’s Time to Restrategize How You Verify Licenses


Primary source verification can feel like a mundane task or chore. If you avoid it, you can be sure to regret it later, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking forward to it, either.

License verification is essential to your organization. You’re ensuring only qualified and licensed practitioners are providing patient care. Manual verifications require time, effort, and patience.

Here are a few signs it’s time to rethink how you verify licenses: 

1) Your team is burning the midnight oil during renewals.

Licensees can wait until the final hour to renew, often because of other obligations, paperwork, continuing education requirements, or simply because they don’t have the time when the renewal season begins. License renewal is likely not a top priority on a healthcare professional’s to-do list when juggling other responsibilities.

What does this mean for healthcare administrators or HR professionals? When these renewal deadlines are closing, HR professionals often work overtime to remind their caring providers to renew, notifying managers and running license verification to ensure licensees are up to date.

2) You’ve thought, “Did I spend an entire day verifying licenses?”

Verifying licenses is a significant amount of work, more so than most people realize.

Primary source verification requires multiple steps. Administrators verify each license with their board, recording who has renewed and who hasn’t. Then, each manager and employee is notified, and records are updated. This process is repeated until each provider is cleared to work.

So, yes, you did, understandably, just spend all day verifying licenses. But if you did, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

3) You’ve had to search through stacks of dusty filing cabinets to find a primary source verification.

The most egregious sign that your license verification process needs an update because it means that you don’t have a digital document storage infrastructure in place.

Printing and storing hundreds of thousands of documents isn’t just taxing your budget, thanks to the square footage of storage, printing costs for these documents, and more. This is also a significant red flag for the taxing of the environment.

You shouldn’t be trekking to the basement when you need to find specific documents. Digital solutions exist that securely store the information and make it much easier to retrieve than the traditional print and store methods of the past. With hybrid workforces, it’s essential to have digital solutions that best support your growing team’s needs.


Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to rethink how you verify licenses. It’s easy if you know where to start!


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