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UNC Health Johnston is a healthcare facility with a workforce of over 2,500 employees who faced the challenge of managing licenses and certifications while meeting the requirements of Joint Commission visits. With a small HR staff of five members, tracking and storing licenses and certifications became an overwhelming task. EverCheck brought about a revolution in their processes, significantly streamlining their team’s operations. With EverCheck, UNC Health Johnston was ready for The Joint Commission’s surveys with quick access to all necessary documents, including date-stamped screenshots for proof of licensure from the issuing board. The platform’s automated tracking capabilities efficiently managed employee licenses and certifications, enabling the HR team to stay updated easily. Moreover, EverCheck’s customer support was a valuable resource for their staff and empowered UNC Health Johnston to focus on their primary responsibilities confidently.



UNC Health Johnston faced significant challenges in efficiently managing licenses and certifications for its workforce. The reliance on manual spreadsheets and physical document storage proved time-consuming and cumbersome. During The Joint Commission’s surveys, the small HR team struggled to retrieve the documents promptly, leading to potential compliance issues and stress during unexpected audits. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and accessible solution, UNC Health Johnston transitioned from outdated manual processes to EverCheck. Alongside the need for efficient compliance, the HR team also sought responsive and timely support, ensuring easy retrieval of documents for visits from the Joint Commission.


“Thanks to EverCheck being so easily accessible and accurate, it was easy for us to give them [The Joint Commission] what they wanted in the spur of the moment.”

Madison Ireland
Human Resources Specialist,
UNC Health

UNC Health Johnston implemented EverCheck in 2017, allowing easily accessible and accurate systems for managing licenses, certifications, and registrations. It allowed HR to monitor verification records efficiently and provided specific details requested by The Joint Commission. The platform has created an easier way to upload documents, ensuring that all required certifications and licenses were available for review during The Joint Commission surveys.



EverCheck proved to be an indispensable solution for healthcare facilities seeking efficient compliance and streamlined workforce management. With its user-friendly interface and easy accessibility, EverCheck has empowered the UNC Health Johnston team to promptly provide necessary information during critical visits with The Joint Commission, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. “Thanks to EverCheck being so easily accessible and accurate, it was easy for us to give them [The Joint Commission] what they wanted in the spur of the moment,” Madison Ireland, the Human Resources Specialist for UNC Health Johnston, said.

Beyond compliance, EverCheck also yields substantial time savings for their HR personnel, allowing them to focus on other vital responsibilities within their expanded roles. The platform’s capabilities extend to streamline tracking, effortlessly managing certifications and licenses for a diverse workforce of over 2,500 employees, including those with multiple roles. “I truly think that with our workload and how we tracked our licenses, it could be a full-time job if we weren’t using EverCheck. In my day-to-day processes, I don’t think it would be possible for me to do my job and maintain our compliance tracking process without EverCheck,” Ireland shared. “I’m a huge supporter of EverCheck. I couldn’t do my job without it.”

Embracing UNC Health Johnston’s organizational changes and a recent merger, EverCheck seamlessly integrates with existing processes, as demonstrated by their decision to continue using the platform post-merger with UNC Health.“The support is definitely there when you need somebody,” Ireland said.  EverCheck’s excellent support team has provided responsive assistance, ensuring the facility has a reliable partner to rely on.


About UNC Johnston

UNC Health Johnston is Johnston County’s health care system, with two locations in Smithfield and Clayton. The organization provides the best possible care by offering services close to home, maintaining modern buildings and equipment, and hiring experienced staff and physicians. In partnership with UNC Health, the team has expanded to include some of the best leaders in the country. Its mission is to improve the health of the people in the communities it serves. As an integrated healthcare delivery system, UNC Health Johnston is the provider and employer of choice for Johnston County residents and health professionals.


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