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Before partnering with EverCheck, Tomah Health relied on manual verification for over 1400 employee licenses, using spreadsheets and reminders for renewal. However, the time-consuming nature of this process meant that the two-person team needed help managing all compliance management responsibilities efficiently while handling other organizational duties.

Tomah Health searched for a vendor to automate its license tracking process to streamline and improve efficiency. Britnie Rewey, Human Resource Generalist for Tomah Health, recalled their previous process, “We had an Excel spreadsheet of all the licenses and certifications we tracked, categorized by different certifications and licenses, sorted by expiration. As they would come due, I would manually go to each board or certification website, search it, and update my spreadsheet with the new expiration date. I would then print a copy of the new expiration date, initial it, and scan it into their personnel file. When we went paperless with our personnel files in 2010, we would scan the license or verifications into their file to keep a record.”


EverCheck provided a solution for Tomah Health’s license verification management. EverCheck automated the process of tracking licensure and certification renewal, reducing the time and effort required to do so. Unlike manual notifications, EverCheck supported Tomah Health in setting up reminders, notifying employees about upcoming renewals, streamlining communication, and increasing team efficiency.

The system’s customization options allowed Tomah Health to break down credential tracking by department or employee group, making it easier to manage employee credentials.

“EverCheck makes it super easy during the survey. We’re able to bring up certifications without hesitation.”

Britnie Rewey
Human Resource Generalist,
Tomah Health



With EverCheck, Tomah Health was able to automate its primary source verification tracking process, reducing the time and effort required to do so. The system reminders and customization options made it easier to manage employee credentials, reducing the risk of lapses in licensure and certification renewals. EverCheck’s system also provided and supported a more proactive approach to managing renewals, ensuring that renewals were completed before expiration dates. The average number of days before a license renewal has improved significantly. At first, employees were waiting to renew their licenses a few days before their renewal date. With EverCheck, employees receive proactive notifications, and on average, employees renew their licenses two and a half months before their renewal date. Improved transparency and license renewal have powered employee action and created organizational accountability.

Tomah Health relied on EverCheck’s automated system to prepare for Joint Commission Surveys, ensuring the organization was audit-ready. The system’s comprehensive reporting made it easy to bring up employee certification and licensure during audits, reducing the time and effort required to demonstrate compliance.


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Since 1952, Tomah Health has been advancing quality care for our community and committed to helping our neighbors stay well. Our patient-centered efficiencies are part of a new hospital design to meet the growing healthcare needs of our community.


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